Is there life after Facebook?

Let me get right down to it: I quit Facebook and I’m not looking back. 


The first day was hard – my good friend was having a baby and I felt like I was missing out on the whole thing and I thought for sure I’d be the last to know when he was born, his name and all the important stats. 


You know what I did instead of check Facebook? I texted a friend. And she texted me back. Then, when the baby was born and the whole world (it seemed) was looking at his adorable pics on Facebook, this same friend sent me a pic of him…via text. 


So I didn’t miss out. 


It’s gotten easier and easier to break away from this online world that both connects and alienates at the same time. 


There are a million reasons I love being off Facebook, but mainly I’ve taken stock of the real community around me and I feel so blessed. For me (and I know this isn’t for everyone), Facebook gave me a false sense of connection – I felt I had connected with a lot of people because I “liked” their statuses or commented on a photo. But really, there had been no actual interaction. And for this extravert, this false sense of interaction was hard. 


So I’ve been more intentional about connecting with friends that I am doing life with – texting, emailing, and – wait for it – picking up the phone and calling (gasp!). 


I’m also a really competitive person, so reading everyone’s highlight reel made me feel inadequate and under-equipped – as a friend, as a mother, and just as a person. 


I should be clear that I’m not anti-social media or even anti-Facebook. I know not everyone is me, and maybe Facebook is great for you. I’m not going to twist your arm and tell you being off Facebook it will change your life. But maybe it will. It took a lot of pressure off mine and I feel I’m breathing a little easier. Maybe I’ll pop back on at some point and learn to live in the world of Facebook with some boundaries, but for now, I need the space totally away. 


Wherever you are in terms of social media usage, I think it’s healthy to have conversations about how technology is shaping our lives. 


I’m curious if others have thought about leaving Facebook or have tried it in the past…? What are your thoughts and comments about life-after-Facebook?


Author: Heather Hammond

Questions are worth asking. They bring us closer to ourselves and to God. Writer, wife, mother, Christian, creative.

4 thoughts on “Is there life after Facebook?”

  1. I SO do not regret leaving facebook either! And It’s so refreshing! And those who missed me made contacted me pretty quickly and that’s how I knew who the real connections were 🙂 We’ve also eliminated cable this week and we’re also considering a school switch for the purpose of eliminating the ipad requirement at their current school. It’s just too much for us and I want our kids to keep their eyes up and be looking out into the world not down at a screen so we’re taking all kinds of baby steps

  2. Not gonna lie….I miss you on facebook. But I definitely see why one would feel the need to quit. I frequently take breaks whenever I sense my spirit withering from all the happy, happy, happy down my home page, and it always does me a world. When I come back, things are in proper perspective again. I don’t know how people do it who never step away or who have never given a thought to boundaries with it; it can suck your soul dry if you’re not careful.
    But I’ve also found that, for me, facebook helps me look the good in my day in a really unique way– by providing a fun space to share amusing things that happen (what I’ve mostly come to use it for.) But, I do understand the conflict and applaud you for doing what you need to right now.

  3. I’m not gonna lie…I miss you on facebook. But can totally see why someone would feel the need to quit. I frequently take breaks whenever I sense my soul whithering, and it always does a world of good. Then it’s interesting, when I do come back after that, things seem in their proper perspective again. We can just get so ABSORBED (not to mention waste time). I don’t know how people do it who never step back or give much thought to boundaries or how it effects life.
    But I’ve also find that, on the flip side for me, facebook helps me to look for the good in my days in a special and unique way–and I really miss that when I’m not engaged there. I’m way more tuned into funny things that happen or even annoying events that can somehow be made amusing for others to read when I’m on facebook. So, for now, that’s a nice balance for me. Who knows as time goes on, though. It’s so good to think these things thru and do what you have to do. Even if I do miss seeing your cuties. 🙂

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