Hi. I’m Heather Hammond. Welcome to my blog. I write about the questions. I firmly believe that questions bring us closer to God and ourselves, if we have the courage to ask them. My dad was the first to teach me to “question everything.” I carry that truth with me now.

More about me:
I’m a writer, mother, wife, creative.
I am (ironically) at home in a pair of silver heels or gardening boots.
I pursue simple living, intentionality, faith and family.
I write and perform spoken word.
I wrote a full-length musical called “Finding Home,” which is a spiritual musical about, well, finding home and reflects my own journey to find my home … my center.
I also write about this theme.

I’m back in this little corner of the internet to share some of my essays on life and faith and doubt and God.

If you scroll through older posts, you’ll see a lot about health and wellness. I am a trained health coach and I used to write a lot about that in this space. My content has evolved a bit, but I’m still the same gal, so I kept the same space.

Contact me:
To inquire about speaking engagements, spoken word or if you just have a question, you can contact me via e-mail: heatherehammond@gmail.com

Follow me on IG: @heatherehammond

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