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Hi! I’m Heather Hammond. Welcome to Whole Living Gal. This blog is about pursuing whole, healthy living as an act of worship to God, our creator. I post recipes, stories about my own life as a mom and health counselor trying to live a healthy live, spiritual meditations, menus, links to articles I like, and other related healthy-living tips.

More about me:
My mantra for life is always: seek balance. I am forever editing and rearranging parts of my life to find balance – in my relationships, my career, my spirituality, my movement, my food, my rest. I’ve had formal training in holistic health counseling and spent some time working with individual clients. I believe that striving to take care of bodies and our lives well is an act of worship to God – who not only gave us these bodies, but is dwelling among us and in us. I don’t think there’s one right way to health, everyone is different. And I know that it takes constant effort to live a healthy life, and I often screw it up (thanks to bacon and anything with sugar in it). Now throw in being a new mom of two under the age of two, and life as I know it gets really interesting – especially my idea of “health” and “balance.”

I’m also a writer. I’m working with my literary agent on a book called The Holiness of Health: Living a Whole, Healthy Life as an Act of Worship (publisher pending).

Contact me:
You can contact me via e-mail: heatherehammond@gmail.com

Or follow me on twitter for up-to-the-minute nonsense and senseless chatter (as well as links to recipes and articles, reminders to drink water, what I’m eating, and other things I find thrilling): @WholeLivingGal

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