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Come thou long-expected Jesus

As my children grow, I try to develop tangible ways they can connect to the Bible, to holidays, to traditions. This Christmas I have an advent wreath (which is really my Lenten wreath, condensed).

I love having this wreath because my girls, who are 3-years-old and 21 months, can participate by placing a candle in the wreath. Then we all learn about fire safety as I tell them over and over to back up while I light the candles…

During Lent, we lit the candles and said “Christ as a light.” This time, I tried to get them to say, “Come thou long-expected Jesus,” which is a little long for toddlers, but I’m sticking to it. My oldest remembered the Lenten phrase, and she still insists upon saying “Christ as a Light.”

And isn’t that what this season is about? It’s about the light of the world coming INTO our world…bringing us light…promising peace.

Sometimes we have to do something tangible to really understand the theory and theology. We light candles every day and say “Christ as a light.” But there’s something about smelling the wax burning and listening to the tongue-tied words of a toddler working through “Come thou long-expected Jesus” that reminds me that God really did make himself a man, flesh and blood, a baby, for heaven’s sake. He smelled the smells of this life just as I do as I stand over the warm advent wreath, burning. I’m reminded again that our spiritual lives are not something we live in our heads, but something we experience with our bodies. I worship God in my mind, but I also worship him in my body, lighting candles, singing songs, smelling wax, blowing out the candles. I’m so thankful for this gift of Jesus, God’s son who came as a baby to live among us and bring his light.

Come, thou long-expected Jesus…

…into this season…
…into this broken world…
…into my home…
…into my life…

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  1. * sarah blight says:

    amen sister. I love it.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 2 months ago

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