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A Walk Down [Food] Memory Lane

I’ve been thinking about this jam and cream scone I once ate in York, England. My husband and I were newly married and in England checking out a ministry with whom we were considering partnering. Along with ministering, we also did a lot of sight-seeing.

One day, we were in York and I remember being desperate for food. I have a high metabolism, and when I need food, by golly, I need it now. So we searched for a place that was open for late-afternoon food and settled into a cozy table in a tiny cafe just in time for tea.

I ordered a jam and cream scone, not knowing it would be the best I have ever eaten. The scones in Great Britain are different than here – they’re a mix between a biscuit and the type of scone you would think of. So this scone was halved and dripping with strawberry compote and fresh, whipped-nearly-ice-cream-thickness (non-sugary) cream.

I devoured it on the spot and still regret not ordering another one. It was so delicious on every level that I am still thinking about it today, nearly 6 and a half years later.

I know this is a “healthy” blog, and that jam-and-cream scone wouldn’t necessarily fall into the “healthy” category, but it was delicious. And sometimes, the experience and the taste just plain win out when it comes to food. When something is so delicious, we remember it.

What food (healthy or not) has burned a permanent place in your memory?


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  1. * Pat McCain says:

    for me, a vodka with raspberries from Balducchi’s in Chelsea when I visited NYC years ago……will never forget it
    AND a canoli
    Thanks for re-kindling the taste buds…..Pat

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 3 months ago

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