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Project: Food Budget

You know when you buy a new car then you suddenly see hundreds of the same make and model driving the roads that you never noticed before? Or when you’re pregnant or want to get pregnant then you suddenly notice so many women around you with growing bumps?

Well I haven’t bought a new car and I’m not pregnant, but I am budgeting. Turns out, I only needed to whisper about it on this week’s earlier post and now I’m noticing people all over the place who are trying to do the same: eat well on a budget.

I connected with a few other bloggers whom I follow on twitter and suddenly, I was signed onto Project: Food Budget. It’s basically a bunch of us bloggers who are trying to eat good, whole foods while sticking to a budget – and we’re telling you the details about how we go about it. Some bloggers are writing weekly meal plans, budget totals and the like, some post monthly. I’m not sure I’m committing to a weekly post, but I’m excited to share more of the details of our journey to eat well and stick to a budget.

Without further adieu, here’s my weekly meal plan:


Budget: I’m trying to spend $0 on groceries this week. That’s right.

It’s a bit of an unusual week around here. But this weekend, I realized that I have everything on hand to create meals for the entire week – mostly because I had just stocked up on local, organic frozen meat. I still spent money this week, but instead of buying grocery items for the week’s meals, I stocked up on healthy ingredient items that are a little more pricey: flax seeds and meal, flax oil, nutritional yeast, popcorn as well as local, organic apples (they’re delicious in season!). I also purchased a gallon of organic olive oil because it’s in season through a local co-op.

Aaaand…We also spent some of our grocery budget on a half dozen local, fresh donuts at a farm stand. That was so worth it!

Here are the meals I created this week based on what we have on hand. I had to buy eggs and I’ll probably have to buy burger buns later in the week, but it feels great to eat what is on hand!

Saturday: Lamb brats with sautéed onion and roasted winter squash
Sunday: Grilled pork chops & beet salad
Monday: Carrot & squash curry soup & baked quinoa patties
Tuesday: Sauteed veggies/ground beef & cumin/lime quinoa tacos
Wednesday: Cabbage/potato/turkey sausage sautee
Thursday: Thai peanut noodles (from Healthy Cooking for Kids)
Friday: Beef burgers


I’m super new to this menu-planning thing and part of posting here on my blog is to gather ideas from my readers as well. What works for you when you’re planning? What meals do you love to incorporate? How often do you shop?

Right now, I am at the end of my CSA cycle, so I still have veggies coming in every week. So, on nights when I have written the basic meal (like beef burgers and thai peanut noodles), the veggies that accompany these are coming from my CSA. I’m sure menu and meal planning will be a whole new game in a few weeks when my CSA pick-ups are done… More on this in the weeks to come.

If this is a topic that interests you, I’ve added links to other bloggers who are writing as part of Project: Food Budget. Click away! I’m excited to get ideas from these other writers as well…

Happy, healthy eating!


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  1. I’m like you in that I don’t shop every week. My goal for this week is to spend under $20. For example, I need some lemons, but other than that, I think I have what I need for the next week. Now, to get time to make it all!

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