Whole Living Gal

Eat More Vegetables

I’m spoiled throughout the summer months by eating food fresh out of the earth from a farm just miles from my house. So when winter comes, I cringe, knowing I’ll be eating tasteless vegetables for a few months. We’re weeks away from our CSA pick-ups – I’m getting antsy and my diet is looking bare.

A few days ago, however, I realized I was hardly eating any vegetables at all. It’s so easy to get to a place where bread and cheese take a front-row seat, especially during busy seasons of life when I find myself grabbing convenience foods.

So I took notice and I’m making an refreshed effort. I’ve been snacking on carrot sticks, making sure there are varieties of veggies in each meal and planning my weekly menu around vegetables again.

I even made a healthy choice when I went to breakfast with a friend and ordered this veggie-laden dish (it had loads of ginger in it – delicious!).

How are you making vegetables a priority on your plate?

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