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When We Know What We Are

David and I have committed to spending Lent to pray and seek God. We each gave up a food that we have every day. For the first part of Lent, this physical food was the reminder I needed to get my head into a spiritual space.

And God has been faithful. He is speaking to us (yes, I believe he actually speaks nowadays), and we are being encouraged and strengthened in our faith and in our lives.

For me, I feel he is showing me parts of myself – who I am and who he created me to be. What a blessing and a sense of relief to further realize who I am in God.

I read this poem yesterday by Kathleen Norris and feel it represents my own spiritual journey recently, but especially during Lent.

by Kathleen Norris

Despite our good deeds,
the chatter
of our best intentions,
our many kindnesses,
God is at work
in us, close
to the bone,
past the sinews
of our virtues, to the marrow
we cannot feel,
the sudden, helpless tears
when we know what we are,
and can go on.


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  1. * Sarah says:

    Hey, just saw you followed me on Twitter and wandered over. Great to see your vision for your blog and always good to meet a like mind. And *bonus* LOVED your glasses in the two pics I saw. 🙂 Nice specs!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 11 months ago

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