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In the Kitchen: Is it Spring Yet? (plus, weekly menu)

We had a few warm days this week. The snow started melting, the sun was out, the birds were singing. It felt like spring was on the way.

But in Michigan, I am not fooled by this early thaw. I know we still have more winter before we see the foods of spring.

That’s what I’m craving – the foods of spring. I found myself perusing recipes like Shrimp and Asparagus Quinoa and Green Pea Risotto. I am so close to spring, I can almost taste it.

The truth is, it’s still winter. And I’m still eating winter foods. I appreciate the early signs of spring, even if they are temporary (we’re expecting a winter storm now). It’s a good reminder that spring WILL show up and I WILL be eating farm-fresh, local, organic, delicious foods again. For now, I’m back to the winter section of my seasonal cookbook and making the best of it until spring.

On my menu this week:

– Homemade broth and Coconut milk soup

– Whole roast chicken with roasted beet salad

– Chive risotto cakes with a green salad (I’m pushing the spring thing a little here…)

– Turkey crock-pot soup

– Roasted mustard fish with steamed potatoes (or roasted if I feel crazy)

I’m also enjoying the fruits of winter – mainly, citrus. I have a pile of grapefruit that I love when it’s seasonal. I love to take a deep inhale when I’m cutting up a grapefruit – so fresh and sharp and delicious. I also have the end of a 10-lb bag of oranges that are seedless and just perfectly juicy and sweet. I know these fruits only taste this good in the winter, so I’m eating my fair share while they’re at their peak. Strawberries will come along again in a few months. For now, I’m loving citrus (and the extra vitamin C to fight off the sickness that is traveling around our community and household).

What are you making this week?

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  1. I hear you, the spring cooking magazines are coming in the mail with their asparagus and greens . . . only a few more months to go 😉

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago
  2. * cindy says:

    i made a yummy pea salad this weekend. was craving some veggies myself and thinking it won’t be long before i’m getting green peppers off my deck. 🙂

    i’d love the fish recipe you are doing this week…

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago
  3. * Luanne says:

    This week on my menu I have…

    Salmon Cakes
    Thai Chicken Pasta (which we enjoyed last night and I will send you the recipe soon!)
    Chicken Pot Pie
    Nutty Sweet Potato Soup
    Potato and Pea pancakes
    Autumn Vegetable Soup


    | Reply Posted 7 years ago
  4. * Kristen says:

    Grapefruit is my fav food ever. At the banqueting table in Heaven I’m gonna have a basketball-sized, pink one (with a little sugar on top) 🙂 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago

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