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In the Kitchen: Weekly Menu

My love/hate relationship with Meijer (our local version of Super Walmart) continues. I went last week for a few specialty items and was so excited about my savings that I decided to shop there for our weekly groceries this week. Big mistake. I was disappointed with their produce and lack of local options. Organics were hard to find and the store is so huge. I came home on sensory overload.

All that said, I’ll be back to my small, local, friendly grocery store next week and I will gladly let them carry out my bags. I’m not dismissing Meijer altogether, but I think it’s found it’s place in my life – and that place is not for my weekly shopping.

But, I did get my shopping done for the week – a new part of my Sunday that has transformed my weekly menus to be so much easier to implement. I love having all the food I need on hand for several meals for the week so I’m not scrambling trying to figure out how to make it to a store with two little ones in the dead of winter for a couple of items.

Here’s my menu for the week:

Sweet Potato Quesadillas – I’ve been thinking about these since I made them last time…so delicious!

Spaghetti Squash & Sausage – this recipe is from my kitchen soul sister Andrea Beaman. I love her recipes, as I’ve mentioned before.

Chicken Soup – also from Andrea Beaman (I think there’s a variation of this recipe on her Website). I’m making this tonight. I love this recipe because you add fresh garlic in at the very end – a surprising and delicious addition.

Beef & broccoli with brown rice. Also from, you guessed it, Andrea Beaman (can you tell what recipe book I was using to plan my meals?!)

I also have a few other items on hand, like a bunch of kale for Kale Chips, and frozen ingredients I could throw together for a quick, crock-pot soup.

What’s cooking in your kitchen this week?


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  1. * Molly says:

    I feel you on Meijer…but, really – once you go a few more times and have their layout memorized, it’s a snap on an early saturday morning shopping trip…I promise. What draws me back each week is the Meijer Organics line…it’s all over the place mixed in with the regular food as opposed to a special section. Pasta Sauce, pasta, cheese, milk, yogurt, salsa, bread…at lower prices than the smaller stores with organic food. The produce is a little thin for organics (and definitely for local this time of year) but organic lettuce, beets, carrots, brocc, cauli, avocados – it’s there!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your meal plan for the week. I’m doing salmon burgers (we caught it this summer and made into the burgers with parmesan, mayo and spices then froze) Quesadillas, Sushi and my favorite ‘fast food’ – Indian with Naan bread, Pasta/Sauce…wow sounding pretty ethnic when I read it back! we’re traveling all over the world this week! Have a great day 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago
    • Thanks for sharing your meal plan, Molly! Those salmon burgers sound especially amazing! That reminds me that I have some canned salmon in the cupboard for a “pinch” – I’ll have to work it into my lunches this week.

      You’re probably right about Meijer – I get so frustrated when I can’t find things… If I learn my way around it will be much easier. And i also need to not go on Sunday afternoon the day of the Super Bowl!

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Luanne says:

    HATE Meijer…for those same reasons. it’s worth the extra money for me not to have gone there! I was just writing a post similar to this one too 🙂 So here’s my list for the week. Heading out to Whole Foods soon to gather everything I need. Oh! and I’ve been wanting a good chicken soup recipe…thanks for sharing! I have things here I need to use up so there’s a couple of duplicate ingredients.

    Baked Spinach and cheese stuffed shells
    Chicken in terragon “cream” sauce w/ rice
    roasted sweet potatoes with wilted spinach
    butternut squash rissoto w/ brussell sprouts
    baked potato soup
    beef stew

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago

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