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In Worship: All About Me

I haven’t made much space for Bible study and real, listening prayer lately.

Health and spirituality are closely connected for me because my time with God helps me stay grounded, make good choices, and re-focuses me so I remember what is truly important.

Without that re-focus time, my day changes to a version of a song that is all about me. And when my song is all about me, I start thinking thoughts like:

It’s been a tough week, I deserve this [third] donut.
I can be crabby to my husband because I’ve had a bad day.

I stop thinking beyond myself and my issues and I start honing in on why I can suddenly make my life all about me again. Convenient.

But when I am making time to listen to God and read his words, my own song gets drowned out in the process and my world looks a little bigger. I am reminded that my choices are not, as I would like to think, all about me.

I’m going to open Scripture and turn up the volume on that song…it’s the one my soul longs to sing.


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  1. Whew! Girl. You speak truth. You do. And the whole “listening” part. So key. Thank you for saying out loud what I don’t have the courage to admit to myself even…I need time with Jesus and note to self: it’s not about me.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago

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