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In Worship: God is the Ruler Yet

Sometimes, when I think about the idea of connecting health and spirituality, it’s easy to let my mind wander to all that isn’t right in world.


Where is God in these times?

That question is, of course, an age-old one that we could go ’round and ’round about.

Instead of arguing in my mind, I have to cling to the words of scripture and claim them as truth. When God says he created our inmost being and numbers my days before I was born, I trust him. When he says that he cares about me so much and knows me so well that he even knows the number of hairs on my head (even after I lose about 1/2 of them after pregnancy). I believe him.

This weekend in church we sang the song “This is My Father’s World.” There is a phrase in this song that has been playing on repeat for me this week. I am claiming it as my prayer and my truth this week:

Though the wrong seems oft so strong
God is the ruler yet.

So much of the world is in disarray, including our health and wellness. But I trust in the fact that though the injustice and disease in this world sometimes seems painfully overwhelming, God is still the ruler. He is still God.

God is the ruler yet.


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