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Here are some of the recipes I’m looking at this week.

I made this chicken and egg drop soup last week – delicious! And I’m usually a brown-rice gal, but I went with the basmati rice in this recipe and it was very good. Great leftovers, too!

These peanut butter cookies are amazing – and no butter or white flour! Try them, seriously. And put some dark chocolate chips in them. And then hide them from yourself later.

I love to serve french toast to my children – they love it and it’s quick and easy for me to make. Also, I love that they’re eating eggs, and since I use good, local bread with no funny ingredients, I feel great about this option. This recipe makes french toast even easier!


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  1. * cindy says:

    I made the banana “pancakes” mentioned on the french toast
    link, caleb loved them! And I love having something to do with my
    ripe bananas other than bread.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago
  2. * katherine says:

    um, those peanut butter cookies are going in my belly.
    chocolate chips non-optional (I always laugh when I see “optional”
    next to chocolate ingredients).

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago

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