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Top 10 Tuesday: Gratitude

Man, this is a busy season, isn’t it? I’m feeling bogged down recently as the days spin past, and I am left wishing for a roaring fire and a day spent in my pjs with my family.

But my life is so full, and I often feel I need to take a moment for gratitude. Here’s my top ten Tuesday gratitude list.

I am thankful for:

1. My husband. I am truly a better person because of him.

2. Laughter. My husband helps with this; I laugh a lot more with him around, and to be honest, he’s taught me to lighten up and take myself less seriously.

3. My daughters. They are a lot of work, for sure, but they keep me smiling and laughing (they also teach me to lighten up!) and keep me moving (sometimes literally running across the room) and singing and dancing and entertaining.

4. Food. This is no joke. We often pray before meals to thank God for the food he provided for us. When I look at my plate, full of a variety of foods that are delicious, I am truly thankful.

5. It’s cold now, and living in Michigan, I am continually reminded to be thankful for our warm, dry house.

6. Christ. It’s Christmas-time and during this season of Advent when I look toward celebrating the coming of Christ, I am often reminded of his goodness in my life and for my salvation. And I think David makes me a good person? That’s nothing compared to the transformation in my heart and life because of Christ and his grace.

7. On a lighter note: my van. I fought and fought and fought getting a van. Then one day, it dawned on my how convenient they are – I now know why so many families have them. I don’t think I would ever leave the house if it weren’t for those automatic sliding doors and the heated seats.

8. The library. We live a few miles from our local library, and we love to visit! We pick up books, go to storytime (on the weeks I can remember when it is and then get dressed in time), and play in the play area. Especially with the onset of winter, I am super thankful for this great resource (pun intended!).

9. My literary agent. Did I tell you I’m working on a proposal with my literary agent for a book about heath and spirituality? Well, I am, and I’m super thankful for my agent and her guidance.

10. Decaf coffee while the girls sleep. And speaking of that…

This is a random list, but boy is it good to stop and think of things I am thankful for – even the basics.

What are you thankful for today?


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