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In Worship: Word Become Flesh

In this Advent season marked with longing and hope, I am thinking about this God who became a baby boy. I am thinking about God, who chose to inhabit an imperfect, human body and live in the flesh.

I think about my own body and human life a lot – it’s kind of my “thing,” isn’t it? When I eat whole foods or make good choices about balance in my life, I am honoring the body and life God has given me. So I like to take pause this holiday season and dwell on the fact that God became flesh – the Word that spoke life into being came to inhabit this earth as a baby. It’s pretty incredible, really.

This past weekend, we had a guest teacher at our church, Knute Larson. I love when he teaches – he is bold and his messages are powerful.

I can’t get an image out of my head that he painted in his sermon. He was describing the power that God himself, who created the universe, was now inhabiting the body of a baby. He said something like this (I’m paraphrasing, I’m sure he said it better than this):

The mouth that spoke light and life into being now cooed.
Those eyes that saw the creation of the world now blinked in the manger.
Those fingers that stretched out to part the Red Sea now curled into a tiny fist.

I let my mind rest on this image – the Word become flesh and dwelling among us.

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