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Winter Water

If you follow me on twitter, or know me in real life, I am always talking about water. I believe everyone needs to drink more water and that water is one of the main causes of a lot of ailments we have – everything from dry skin to tummy aches to sugar cravings can often be cured with a little bit more water.

The first time I got really serious about water was right out of college. I was teaching high-school English and drinking coffee like it was water. Well, I decided I needed more water, so I brought my reusable bottle to work and filled it with water all day long. The first thing I noticed was my winter-time dry skin literally cleared up.

Before upping my water intake, I was on a serious winter routine to fight my dry skin – heavy creams and ointments daily. After drinking more water on a regular basis, I didn’t have to use any of these crazy things on my face anymore.

Drinking water in the winter can be difficult. During this time, we crave comfort foods and warm beverages. Now, I love a good cup of coffee as much as the next girl, but I also realize the importance of regular water intake. We may not be losing water from sweating in the winter like we do during the warmer months, but everything now is dry, dry, dry. Instead of turning to creams and ointments, how about hydrating your skin by drinking water!

It takes work to remember to drink enough water every day, but work that pays off.

Fill a water bottle.

Keep a glass in reach – and keep it filled with water.

Fill a pitcher of water in the morning and leave it on the counter to pour from throughout the day.

Keep water by your bedside and drink it first thing in the morning.

Drink water before you drink anything else.


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  1. * Luanne says:

    Thanks to you, I LOVE water and it’s the only thing I drink 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 3 months ago
  2. * Emma says:

    Great ideas! I love water and notice I’m a lot less hungry during the day if I’ve had my quota of water. Also, I find that water is a great way of saving money and monitoring how much I eat of the ridiculously giant portion sizes when eating out.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 3 months ago

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