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International Fitness Day

I just found Mamavation on twitter, and I am excited about this initiative – it encourages moms to live healthy lives to prevent obesity in America – one family at a time. It recognizes the power of the parents to teach healthy living to their children by modeling it. How great is that?!

One of the challenges for this week is for International Fitness Day. Honestly, of all the primary foods, I have the hardest time motivating myself and others to exercise. I try to live an active lifestyle and I have exercise break-throughs and rhythms from time to time, but I am not great at committing to anything beyond taking an evening walk with my family. So I am especially excited for the encouragement, support, and challenges offered by Mamavation, starting with International Fitness Day.

Check out the post, there is a link to a workout for this day, which is Saturday. I’m committing to doing this workout on Saturday. Will you?

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  1. * Pat says:

    Just checked out the post…inspiring! Even though I’m not a mama, I need to move. How’s about running up and down the den steps in my cardiostrides? that’ll break a sweat

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 5 months ago

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