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Thoughts on Prayer

About a month ago, my husband and I felt compelled to turn our basement into a community prayer room and invite people to come pray in one-hour time slots this week (it’s the week before the fall series starts at our church – new beginnings and all that). We’ve considered this before, but we finally took the leap.

I started clearing out the basement of our clutter – moving items from the monstly-finished side into the storage side. We had gotten lazy in our storage habits and just started chucking things down the basement stairs once our second daughter was born. The goal was just to get things out of site!

After the room was clear, David refinished the ceiling and we painted the walls. Then we set about to turn an L-shaped room into sacred space for prayer.

Part of my husband’s job at the church where he works is creating sacred space, so I rather enjoyed working with him on this project. In fact, this is the first missional project we have been a part of together since we’ve been married; it felt good to be united on this front.

We worked between feedings, during naps, and with kids at our heels to get the basement ready for this week – and we even had a few dear people come help.

Last night we opened the room to the community and since then, there have been several waves of people – amounting to over 12 hours of prayer in that space so far.

Honestly, I think I could personally sit in that room for the entire week. I realized last night as we prayed – alone and together – that I have had such a deficit in my life for real prayer space. And I’m not talking about the kinds of rambling prayers that we often do – cluttered with our own to-do lists. I’m talking about the sit-down-on-my-bum-and-just-be kinds of prayer – sitting in the presence of God and soaking him in, letting him fill me, being in his presence.

The theme for our prayer room is an echo of the disciples, “teach us to pray.” What I am already learning about prayer in the last 15 hours is that I need to get out of the way. I need to set aside my agenda and my lists and my requests and even my problems, sometimes, and just be. I need to allow myself to sit in God’s presence and get out of the way so he can fill me up – and so he can surprise me.


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  1. * brooke says:

    real good.
    geez, i have a gaping hole for prayer space right now, too.
    can’t wait to get into your space tomorrow morning!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago

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