Whole Living Gal

What I’m Craving Today

Oranges – I could eat my weight in these in-season-juicy-drops-of-goodness right now. I love all fruit in season, though, so it’s not surprise I’m going gaga over oranges at the moment.

Sunshine – the worst part of living in West Michigan is the grey sky from about November to May. Today was a sunny day, but ironically, I was nursing the end of a migraine and just wanted to cover my head with a paper bag instead of enjoy the sunshine. I’m craving the sun on my skin and face, though. This is the first year in about 4 that we haven’t gone south at some point in the winter…and I’m missing my vitamin D.

Pants that Stay Up – The third trimester brings all sorts of crazy things…but the most annoying to me right now is the fact that I can’t keep a pair of pants up…always hiking, hiking, hiking. So unladylike.

Fat – yes, fatty anything – ice cream, cheese, oil, coconut milk, almonds. This is the part in my last pregnancy when I put on the most weight – and I am well on my way to do the same this time around (can you say 6 lbs gained in 2 weeks – yikes!). So I must need the extra fat for myself or for the baby.

Wine – I’m dying for a glass of wine. Some women don’t have a problem with this during pregnancy, but with all the health issues that have plagued me, I don’t want to mess with adding alcohol to the mix. But I would love a good glass of red. No worries, David and I were at Trader Joe’s this weekend and we stocked up for after baby.

Exercise – This pregnancy has been hard on my body and because I’m also running after a 15-month-old, I have to be careful to conserve my energy. Which means, I haven’t been able to exercise. The few times that I have exerted the energy for this, my body rebels in some way. So I have chosen to take it easy. But I’m dying to get back into a routine of exercise. The good news is that about the time I’m ready to be out and about again, the snow will be melting and I’ll be able to go outside with my girls and enjoy not only some movement, but also some fresh air.

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