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Finding My Fashion Groove (now please send cash)

Well, I did it. I found my fashion groove. Tucked into the heart of Chicago, I wandered into an Anthropologie and I am in.love. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in one of their stores, or just lusted over their clothes online…but…oh…

I don’t think I tried on anything that I didn’t want to buy. (As a side note: I have perfected the art of trying on non-maternity clothes during the 3rd trimester.) Then I ventured to the home decor. I could picture all of that in my house. Then onto the accessories…the hats…the clips…the belts – well, you get the picture…

Fortunately for my wallet, it was the end of my shopping venture, so I had to be strategic about what I actually bought. This was a good exercise for me – practicing restraint and saying “no.” David helped me stay in my budget.

But I think what I found in that store was my fashion groove. Funky, interesting clothes that are still stylish and grown-up and that FIT me (there’s probably a reason that at 30, I no longer feel comfortable in junior-sized clothes). Incidentally, we also took a trip to H&M while we were in Chicago; I don’t know if that store has gone down hill or I’ve just grown up, but I found next-to-nothing that I wanted to wear there. Anthropologie, on the other hand. Well, suit me up and call me Shirley – I’d wear anything you put on me from that store…and I’d still feel my age, but not old.

The only hurdle to moving into my fashion groove full force? Well, I’m off to buy lottery tickets, or look for a benefactor, or send out support letters (please send cash!).

In the meantime, I did get a super-cute shirt from there (on sale!) and a perfume (for $3.95 in the sale bin!) and I’m looking forward to spring post-baby to sport my new shirt.


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  1. * Susan says:

    Great post! I have not discovered that store, maybe because it may be out of my price range. LOL I will be checking it out now though. Thanks for your humor to start my day –

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Kelly says:

    Right there with you sister. head to toe classy funk! I just love it. Everything is so feminine and vintage in feel but with old world thrown in…just love it. Have you ever gone to http://www.shopruche.com/index.php like a cheaper version of Anthro….really like their stuff too! I have no doubt you will find your fashion groove once baby is out in another month. I am with you on H&M, it was my go to store for affordability and fashion and now I wander around and leave empty handed almost every time…sad.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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