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Worship as Rest

Last night at our worship gathering at church, the pastor was talking about worship as rest. In this case, it’s not an escape from something, but a step into something; not checking out, but checking in.

This is why spirituality is a primary food. We need this checking in, this stepping into something bigger than ourselves to restore our souls and make them whole again.

It is easy to get mired down day after day after day by the grind and grim of the world. I see the mess on our souls like the snow on the side of the road after a snowfall. While it started off white and clean and fluffy on the first day, after a few days of driving and salt and grit, it just becomes dirty and grimy. It doesn’t take much time to make that pure white snow look dirty.

I think our souls get the same way – just messy after being in the world.

This is where a heart of worship comes in. In this space, we focus on something bigger than ourselves – someone bigger than ourselves – and we take the time to quiet our spirits before God…allowing him to speak or just be in his presence. And restoration happens.

The grime and the muck slowly drip away and we are able to sit with clean hearts, able to rest with a newness that only comes from intentional worship.

Which is why we need this as a primary food – we need this space of worship and rest over and over and over. Sunday mornings are not enough time to restore the balance in our souls; we need daily space to learn to continuously be in the presence of God – to continuously seek this place of rest that comes from worship.


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  1. * Luanne says:

    Beautiful imagery…this is my new favorite post 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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