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90-Day Bible Winner Announced

I’m excited to announce Becca as the winner of the Bible in 90 days (by Zondervan).

I hope this Bible gives you the extra boost you need to complete the challenge, Becca!

Thanks for everyone who entered the giveaway – I wish I had many, many more to give away. I’ve been so excited to see how many bloggers (and non-bloggers!) are taking the challenge to read through the Bible in 90 days. I’ve noticed that for many, this is the first time they’ve ever read through the Bible – and reading it in large chunks give such a unique perspective on the Story as a whole.

If you’re reading along with us, be sure to check out Mom’s Toolbox. She’s facilitating this challenge. One thing I love about what she’s doing is short blog posts she calls SOAPs. They are observations from the day’s reading – Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. They’re not long, and they give you a chance to zero in on a specific scripture from the day and also to join in a discussion with other people who are reading – just leave a comment on the blog post!

Happy reading, everyone!

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