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Developing a Life Pace

I think this is the first holiday season when we are not going to stop and drop everything for more than a day. Usually, we travel out of town to see family or take some days off work. But the way things are working out this year – and with a toddler around the house – life isn’t going to slow down at all in the next few weeks.

My husband, David, and I often talk about not wanting to crash into our vacations. We talk about wanting to develop a life pace that affords and builds rest into our daily lives.

There’s no time than right now that we need this life pace. I am on the verge of feeling jipped out of any kind of holiday break, and that’s not the kind of attitude I want to take with me through this season – I love Christmas!

So, I am purposely taking the time to do things that I would want to do if I had more time – like turning on the stereo during the day and pumping the Christmas music (nothing gets out the ‘blahs’ and pity-parties like a little jolly music!), setting my table scape with crystal (my 13mo hasn’t learned out to climb yet, thank goodness!), and forcing my family to rest.

How are we resting in the midst of work and other holiday demands? We are purposefully taking it slow and letting things slide. David has to work all week, but he is mainly preparing for our Christmas Eve services at church (where he works). So, Monday he worked us into his day and bundled us into the car to help him decorate the stage for the services. Now, we weren’t much help and David had to significantly slow his pace during the hour and a half we were with him, but we did get to spend the time together as a family. And last night, instead of cleaning and organizing and checking e-mail and wrapping gifts, I made us sit on the couch and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

There’s no better time to practice incorporating a sane life pace than during the craziness of the holiday season – and trust me, it does take some practice! I challenge you over the next few weeks to build in a slower pace – a life pace that doesn’t make you want to crash into your vacation or your weekends off.

Get your coffee “for here” instead of “to go;” let the high school kids at the booth in the mall wrap your gifts; drive around and look at the lights on the houses; light a fire and put your feet up after the kids are in bed; stop by the bakery and buy that pumpkin pie instead of making it – and read a Christmas story during that time instead.

There will always be laundry and e-mails and a long to-do list, no matter what the season. Set a precedent for yourself now of the life pace you want – build in rest … you won’t regret it!


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