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Simple and Sweet Drinking Chocolate

I have been on a search for the perfect hot chocolate for a few weeks – really, ever since it got cold outside. But even Starbucks wasn’t cutting it. So I decided to give it a whirl on my own.

What I was really craving was the chocolate, not all the other fillers. So I went straight to the source.

Here’s the recipe I came up with for two cups:

about 6 oz good, dark chocolate (pick your favorite!)
2 cups milk (I used almond because that’s what I had on hand – use whatever you like)

Melt slowly on the stove-top, whisking to keep from sticking. Heat, but don’t boil. Pour into mugs and serve topped with whipped cream. If your milk is unsweetened, you may need to add a sweetener – I would recommend agave nectar.


This recipe turned out very dark and rich (I may have used more than 6 oz of chocolate), so the whipped cream helped balance things out. Of course, you could also use the traditional marshmallows, but this is supposed to be a “healthy” blog…so…

Also, the key here is GOOD INGREDIENTS. Use good, dark chocolate and a high-quality milk. Since there are only two ingredients, you want them to be fantastic – trust me, it makes all the difference. I used chocolate and milk that I already had on hand (see photo below).

I added amaretto liquor to my husband’s cup, which I accidentally drank a few sips of before I realized – so I can testify that the grown-up version is delicious, too!

Drink up and enjoy!


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