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How Writing a Musical Feeds Me

Cast/orchestra of Finding Home

When my good friends from college asked me to write a Christmas musical for their production company in Georgia, I was beyond excited. I had dabbled in a few scenes, one-acts and had even started writing a full-length play. I had never written a full-length musical, but felt up to the challenge.

Over the next year and a half, I worked through several synopsis (what’s the plural of that word?) and writing and re-writing the actual script – including two full table readings and a lot of feedback about scenes from my writer’s group.

I worked with a composer who wrote all the original music and orchestrations for the lyrics I wrote. And like magic (if by “magic” I mean hours of work and dedication), the show was ready to go up.

My husband, 13mo daughter and I traveled to Athens, GA to see the weekend productions of the show. I’m not sure how to put words to my experience. My mother-in-law compared it to giving birth – and that might be an adequate analogy.

I cried through much of opening night – it was overwhelming to see and hear live in flesh and blood what so far had only been conceived in my mind and on paper. And in many ways, the show was much better live than I had imagined in my mind!

The show itself was gorgeous – the costumes, sets, lights, even the special affect in the second act. I loved watching the show unfold.

I have a few minor changes to make to the script, and then it’s ready for the masses. I’m looking for production companies/churches who are ready for a fresh script for Christmas!

After this experience, I am reminded again of how important creativity is to our overall health. When I am in the middle of a project or something that is close to my heartbeat, I can be fueled and renewed by that experience. I didn’t sleep much this weekend, but I was running on adrenaline because of the excitement I felt being part of this production and seeing my work come to fruition.

How are you nurturing your creativity these days? Remember, creativity is part of our ‘food’ that keeps our lives healthy and balanced.

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