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Preparing for Vacation

Have you entered my giveaway yet? There’s still time! And there are ways to get extra entries. I know some of my fellow health counselors read this blog – this is a great item to win to give away to your clients! Before this week, I only had one on my shelf, so I had to loan it out, but sometimes it’s just fun to give gifts, isn’t it?

We are headed out of town at the end of this week to go to Virginia Beach – a 14-hour car-ride with an 8-month-old. We’re so excited because we’re going to visit David’s family, but I’m dreading the drive.

But we’re not leaving until Sunday night, so I am thinking ahead and gathering things we need:

*I’m headed to the library today to stock up on CDs and books on CD.
*We’re bringing my husband’s cookbook that I gave him for Father’s Day. He hasn’t had time to cook since I gave it to him, so I figure that vacation is a great time for him to dive in. Did I mention the book is called “Burgers, Fries, & Shakes” – it’ll be perfect vacation food.
*We’re focusing on getting well. The hubby is sick now, so we’re trying to continue to go to bed at good times, drink lots of water, and I am trying to incorporate as many veggies into our diet as possible. Food is healing!
How do you prepare for vacation the week before? What can I do now to get ready?
I am trying hard not to get caught in a frantic flying-around-the-house-throwing-things-in-the-car state at the end of the week. I’d rather not collapse into my vacation – I’m trying to ease into it.

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  1. * Luanne says:

    We are going to Minneapolis next week…driving…9 hrs…with 4 kids (Annie is still in Chicago danicing at Joffrey). This will be their first loooong road trip longer than 4 hours. I have no idea how this will go. Up until this point I have been blessed to be able to fly everywhere we went with them…not this time. Too expensive! I was thinking about writing up an itinerary for them with a play by play of the timing of the ride…

    10-10:30 Nintendo DS time
    12 lunch break
    1pm…movie (we have a dvd player in our car…)

    etc, etc…as far as packing goes, I’ll wait til the night before and all the laundry is done, but I do write lists all week long of things that we need to bring. I ususally clean the house good and make sure everything is looking good and “perfect” before we leave. That way when we get home all stressed out from the day of travel, the house is in good order and easy and relaxing to come home to, and all the stuff you bring back in doesn’t add to an existing mess, making it worse. I have found this is the most important thing for me to do!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Jen says:

    Lists, lists and more lists.
    I make one for each person in the family. My bed becomes a giant mass of neatly folded piles of clothes. I count out entire outfits including diapers/pull-ups and pack a few extras for those frequent days.

    You also need the car ride snacks to avoid major fast-fooding. And I always pack lots of books and games for the kiddies.

    Sounds like fun. We just had a 10 hour drive to Lancaster PA to visit my sister and her husband. We have DVD players in the car for the big kids, but we did make frequent stops to feed Branton and stretch legs.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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