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Eternal Power and Divine Nature

I’ve been thinking about Paul’s words in Romans 1 about God’s invisible qualities.

Of all the qualities to list about God, Paul chooses two: eternal power and divine nature.

Why those two? And why in that order? Why not: eternal nature and divine power. That makes sense to me.

So I’ve been mulling over the fact that there is power in the unendingness of God and that his divinity just is – it is his nature.

The odd thing about this passage, though, is not the terms Paul chooses to describe God – though I’d love to ask him why he picked those – but the paradox he proposes in this same verse. He writes that “God’s invisible qualities…are clearly seen.” Invisible qualities are clearly seen? This makes no sense.

He goes on to say that they are clearly seen through nature: “understood through what has been made.” In other words, creation shows us the creator. The physical finite of this world shows us the infinite.

This is why taking care of our physical bodies and minds is so important – it shows us the divine and invisible qualities of God. There is more at stake when we take care of ourselves than just living a long time – when we take care of our bodies, we are opening ourselves up to glimpsing the divine.


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  1. * Luanne says:


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago
  2. * Anita says:

    Yes. And that is primarily why I just poured my self another bowl of Stress Flakes. “Glimpsing the divine” exposes weaknesses, a.k.a. “failure”. I’m a Work In Progress!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago

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